BASA (Business Administration Students' Association) is a volunteer based student group here at the University of Winnipeg. We encourage our entrepreneurs to gain all types of experience in very a hands on way that encourages individuals to focus on both their strengths as well as weaknesses in today’s business world. Our goal is to push individuals out of their comfort zone and acquire many imperative traits such as knowledge and application of various communication channels, cooperation as well as creativity in a professional environment, to name a few.

BASA focuses on many year round events, projects and conferences that are primarily funded through a variety of Sponsors/ portfolios. (Check out our Events Page for more details!) We also acknowledge that the anxiety of not having careers waiting for us after graduation can be overwhelming, so by helping our students to develop crucial networking skills, among other business essentials, this allows for many individuals to create a strong foundation for long term opportunity and success.


Our vision is to provide students with an enhanced university experience that will contribute to the achievement of their career aspirations and to becoming leaders in the community.


Our mission is to encourage students to be more involved in the faculty outside of the classroom by providing them with the opportunity to engage with the community.