The transition to first year and second year university can be stressful and overwhelming. This could be made a lot easier with the help of the Mentorship Program by University of Winnipeg Business Administration Student Association (U.W.B.A.S.A) . The Mentorship Program is designed to ease the shift first/second year students will experience. The program pairs up a first/second year business student (Mentee) with an experienced colleague (Mentor) to guide them with the essential things a new student may need to know.


The first/second year business students will be given a tour around the campus, assistance with locating classrooms, shown where to get student ID & bus pass,  oriented with the library's function such as printing, notified with upcoming events, guided with web-advisor & nexus, and get their school related questions answered by their mentor.


As a mentee, you should highly consider this program because you have nothing to lose and everything to gain! Sign up now since there are limited spots!


The only requirements are to be a full-time first/second year undergraduate student for both Fall 2019 and Winter 2020 terms, go to UWBASA's monthly self-development workshops, attend a minimum, 4 of our events and preferably follow UWBASA's Instagram account and sign up for to receive emails for helpful information and news.


Note, this is a way to meet and engage with new people that will help you to fully experience what University of Winnipeg has to offer.