BASA wants to help you create valuable connections and gain experience! Many of our sponsors are looking for individuals who are motivated, enthusiastic, and hungry for exciting new workplace opportunities. Click any of the following posting(s) below for more information:


Associate to the President & CEO

Frontier Supply Chain Solutions, Inc.

Looking to hire a marketing or communications graduate to join our company. Some of their daily tasks would include updating the website, creating written marketing materials and purchasing promotional materials. This role works closely with the President of the company and would be a great opportunity for a new graduate.

Any Major: 

Federal Student Work Experience Program

What is it?

A program offering full-time students work experience in the federal public service.\

Why do it?

  • enrich your academic program
  • develop your employability skills
  • explore your interests
  • get insight into a career as a federal public servant
  • potentially find your future full-time job

How it Works

We offer a wide variety of jobs across Canada. Opportunities include field work, research, administration, IT, finance, trades, policy, communications and many more!

Apply to these jobs through the Ongoing Student Recruitment Inventory. You will receive an email notification when you have been selected for a job opportunity.