Why Apply?


Learning and cultivating professional skills are an essential component in your educational career. Business Administration Student's Association wants to help YOU find your niche. From networking with professional sponsors, to creating lasting friendships with others, to growing as an individual and venturing out of your comfort zone, we are confident that we have a place for you. Please read the below portfolios to catch a glimpse into tasks, responsibilities, skills and other pertinent information related to each position.

Application Deadline: May 15th, 2018


presidential portfolio

anne-cecile panchaud

1 position available:

● Director of Administration & Team Engagement 


corporate relations portfolio

hammy zeid

4-6 positions available:

● Director of Corporate Relations


internal portfolio

priel lisak


5 positions available:

● Director of Human Resources (1) 

● Director of Academics (2) 

● Community Outreach Director (1)

● Director of Brand Ambassadors (1)  


Marketing portfolio

taina pudwill

5 position available:

● Director of Promotional Design (1) 

● Director of Social Media (1) 

● Director of Media Production - Photos (1)

● Director of Media Production - Videos (1)

● Director of IT (1)  


finance portfolio

Angela lenkei

2 positions available:

● Director of Finance 



external portfolio

nadia tyborowski

9 positions available:

● Director of Social Events (1) 

● Director of Networking Events (1) 

● Director of Case Competitions (1)

● Director of Charity (1) 

● Co-Chair of 5 days for the Homeless (2) 

● Co-Chair of EWC (2) 

● Pitch It Coordinator (1)